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Unread notification counts not working - e-mail

I cannot seem to get any notification counts to work for e-mail apps on ZenFone 8. Has anyone else managed and any suggestions to get it working?The image below shows three apps I have tried (Gmail, Outlook and BlueMail). All three apps have the same...


Antutu results

Before my zenfone go to repair it had results of about 720k in antutu, now about a month after repair it cannot break the 600k barrier, I have been testing for about 2 weeks on different settings and all the time similar results within 550k - sometim...

Grzemar by Rising Star I
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proximity sensor during calls

Hello everyone, I have a phone since the beginning of september. And since then, I have a problem with the proximity sensor during calls. Not every time, but it happens that the sensor does not work and I press everything on the screen with my face. ...

Offical Zenfone 8 charger

On Asus website there is no Zenfone 8 charger listed at the moment, only the "ROG 30W USB-C adapter".Is this the same charger auitable for Asus Zenfone 8 too?

laci_kara by Rising Star I
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Recording calls

Hi to all of you. Someone mentioned on XDA that the call recorder is off at the latest update. I don't know if it's Android 12. Someone knows something about this? Is it true? Ty

Applications get force closed

Hello! I am Ramesh from Sagar Steel Cooperation. I have been facing Force close issues in my phone and it would be great if you would help me out ASAP.Thanks.

Первая зарядка телефона

В инструкции к телефону написано ,что первый раз заряжать телефон не менее 8 часов.Так ли это нужно?Он же за 1.5 часа зарядится до 100%

Google Tap to Translate is constantly reset

Every 12 hours to 24 hours when I click tap to translate the configuration modal randomly pops up as if the configuration is reset. It really annoys me. It's expected that after I close those modal they will never come back unless I clear the data.Wh...

screenshot-20211221-190632452.jpg screenshot-20211221-190648686.jpg

Force close of application

hello!!I am Bhavik from Western Steel Agency. I am facing issue while opening some applications such as whatsapp, fb, n others, the phone force closes the apps and its really annoying.Thank You for your time and hope to hear from you soon.