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Problem after android 12 update

After updating my Zenfone 8 to android 12 about a month ago I couldn't start up my device as it appeared a message reading "Android 12 error. The system has failed to start." or something like that. Then it gave me two options: try again or factory reset.
After trying again and again I did a factory reset and it still happened. I managed to find a way to start up the device via the emergency call, but if the device blocked it shot down again.
Finally, once I tried all I could think of I deleted the security of the device (no password, no fingerprint, no facial recognition, nothing) and that's the only way I could use my phone.
I sent it to Asus so they could fix it and they sent me back my phone with a downgrade to Android 11 so it was working just fine.
But this last night (21/04/2022) my phone automatically updated itself to android 12 again and once again I have the same problem. It's frustrating that I can't find a solution and Asus just told me they are going to call me. I can't understand why this happens when I know most people have updated to android 12 without problems and I've had to reconfigure my phone multiple times almost losing all my data in the process.
Please give me a solution. If it's not really necessary I would like to solve it at home because I can't stay another week or two without my phone and having to reconfigure it all over again once it arrives (probably downgraded again to android 11). I need help.

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@Guillem Lluís Have you been contacted since making this thread? If not, please reach out to ASUS customer service and they will assist you.