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How to disable Sharpening and Denoise in all videos from stock camera app

Star II
It's been a week since I got this phone. And certainly the camera capabilities and feature set on offer is only second to Sony phones. It's a great phone to own.
The 4k slomo and other slomo options is absolute greatness, too bad I can't use the same third-party apps. But availability of auxiliary cameras for third-party apps kind of makes up for it. But again, max shutter speed available is 1second, it'd be great to remove those limiters.
As good as 4k and FHD and 720p slomo look, it would be great to have an option disable default sharpening and denoise on them, for better post-production capabilities.
Is there any way I can do that, for stock camera app? I can certainly disable it in OpenCamera app and Filmic Pro app.
Kindly help.

Community Legend II
Hi rk50960,
As per the check it can't be done. But, I have taken the feedback and shared ahead, will surely get back if there is any progress on this.
You can also add this request on Ideas for Next as developers can take this feedback if too many users upvote or if it it felt too important by the team.