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Wi-Fi calling Asus zenfone 8

On my Asus after update to firmware 107 Wi-Fi calling don't work! On my phone working only volte . My operator is T-Mobile Poland. When this service will work corectly?

mar7cin by Star III
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In-display Fingerprint Sensor Issue

Fingerprint sensor is not snappy it takes a while to recognise the finger and most of the time it fails to read.Note:I am not using any screen protector

Dinu07 by Star I
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[Bug] USB-C doesn't work correctly since Android 12 update

Hi there.I have an Asus Zenfone 8 and it recently asked me to do an update which, apparently was Android 12 since the whole UI was revamped. My problem is, exactly since this update i cannot make the USB-C work on a computer.What do I mean by this? I...

Angor by Star II
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Hey Asusplease add more color choices and icon shapes, and add more clock style displays on the always on panel on Asus Zenfone 8, there are too few choicesthanks

Adamu by Star I
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Battery health

I have download accubattery. I think it's strange i have only 80% battery health on almost brand new phone!

Rexator by Star III
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Another Audiowizard Thread

This app is awful and after the Android 12 upgrade it is unusable.Even with the Music setting on, listening to media on speaker sounds like you're in an echo chamber, there is a clear effect being applied in this mode which is apparently equal to 'of...

djstf by Star I
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Wifi Calling (VoWifi) Zenfone 8 in US

Could anyone share the information that which carrier in US supports VoWifi for Zenfone 8?(very upset, just found the T-Mobile and its MVNOs banning Wifi Calling of Zenfone

morol by Star II
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Встречалась ли у кого-нибудь проблема со звуком при разговоре по громкой связи?!

При разговоре по "громкой" прерывается звук...Собеседник слышит меня через раз и фонит на заднем плане...Грешил на бракованный микрофон,но в месенжерах голосовые-все чётко,если записывать на диктофон-тоже всё хорошо...Вообще понять не могу...У мобиль...

USB Earphones Audio Bug - in Games Only

I have the exact same issue as described in this past post. For some reason the discussion was closed despite never being publicly resolved. In short, game audio becomes distorted but is still recognizable (like a weird filter) the moment I launch an...

Meiko by Star I
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