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Warranty Policy Unfairness

I am super happy to see a new Zenfone promotion which can save me 50 USD,BUT I just got noticed that the Zenfone online store in Taiwan would even provide a free extended warranty for half a year! Why don't we have the *same warranty policy*?!"Rumor"...

morol by Star II
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VoLTE in Austria's "3" H3G network

Please make VoLTE in Austrias "3" (H3G) network possible! I'm traveling regularly to the USA and I can't use simple phonecalls anymore because the networks in the US require VoLTE which i cannot enable!! As mentioned here in this forum I tried the ke...

steve02 by Rising Star I
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zenfone8 battery

hi my zenfone 8 battery drain so fast, i am light user, no gaming. only using instagram,whatsapp and shopping app, can anyone help me for settings. for battery saver,....

Screen stays on during calls

So during phone calls, Phone app is not using proximity sensor properly. I constantly bring down notification bar, turn on airplane mode etc with my face. This is happening on the latest Android 12. Another thing that happens regularly during calls i...

cicagorio by Rising Star II
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No Asus Camera found in my phone when I started up

I have looked everywhere but cannot find a standard camera on my phone .Is there not a standard camera on this phone? I have downloaded a open source camera for now.But really curious to know why I would not have a camera as a standard on my phone

Zenfone 8 - low battery notification light threshold

Hello all,I have observed that whenever the battery on my Zenfone 8 goes below 15%, the notification light will blink until I connect the charger.Unfortunately, I could not find any option on how to decrease this threshold, so that I get the blinking...

mcl2k6 by Star I
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MMS/network issues after update to WW_30.12.112.82

I've been having issues sending/receiving MMS after a recent Android 11 update.AT&T is my carrier and I have a signal strength of -110dBm 30 asu. I'm using Messages and have tried clearing the cache/storage and restarting the phone.I'm also having c...

Unlock Bootloader Zenfone 8

Could you send me the updated application to unlock the Zenfone 8 phone, because what is on the website is not working.

Mobile network connection lost randomly

Hi everyone,I'm experiencing a weird bug. My phone is completely losing the mobile connection from time to time. It's like there are ghost touches on the Internet button in the control panel. It's like something's wrong with the APNs cause it just ha...