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How to clean ZF8?

Rising Star I
I'm absolutely paranoid about maintaining the original new appearance and cleanliness of my phone. (All my devices without exception. My 2013 BlackBerry still looks like new after 9Y constant daily use. Ditto cameras, pens, radio sets, laptops, monitors, ..)
But I've managed to get some kind of gunk into the receiver grille of my ZF8, specifically into the RH four perforations of the 20+ (I think 23) total. Just no idea what I did or when. Don't think it's skin cells or other human detritus as my paranoia extends to holding the thing well away when in use .. As it happens, a magnifier is needed to see it - but all the same I can't get it out of the grille and I can't get it out of my mind. I'm even wondering whether it's some hind of material which has fallen against the grille from inside the phone. I've tried everything - microfibre (excellent for all unbroken surfaces), tape, fine soft brush, tiny technician's vacuum. All to zero effect. Any suggestions?
What I really want to do is disassemble the front of the phone so that I can get at the grille from the other side .. but this looks impossible by design and in any case how properly to re-assemble and maintain the phone's original integrity as in waterproofing, closure, etc? (Let alone maintain the warranty.) Has anybody tried this?
Thank you! for any wisdom or experience.

Star III
Navigate to Account > Settings > SMS.
Scroll down to the Quick Responses section.
Find the quick response you want to edit.
Hover over the quick response.
Click Edit.
Make any changes to the quick response.
Click Save.


Rising Star II
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