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Bluetooth Dual Audio

Hi there is no answer in relation to Bluetooth Dual Audio.Zenfone 8 has Bluetooth 5, multiple devices can be connected and still can not be played at the same time. Anyone has any idea when will be available?Samsung is having this for years!

cos55ap by Star I
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Lost All Apps Tray icon , also lost VoLTE

Android 12. Whilst confuguring the phone to suit, I have lost the Apps Tray (9-dot) icon. Even using Long press - Home screen - Preferences - Home screen - Layoutand toggling 1-layer / 2-layer (which should include the icon) it isn't there. I think I...

fergusd84 by Rising Star I
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Camera app turns on when pressing power button once

I have setup to turn on camera app when I press the power button twice.But it has occurred to me many times that the camera app turns on even when I press the power button ONCE in order to enter my already-on phone.Does anybody else experience this?

kwei88 by Star II
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over heating

Why is it that since the latest firmware update, Zenfone 8 is getting hot?

Ghozali by Star I
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Official screen repair

Hi allMy Zenfone 8 screen is broken and needs to be replaced after a fall. The phone is still under warranty so I was wondering if anyone had this fixed already and knows how much does the repair through Asus USA cost because the customer service rep...

Dreadful call quality with Bluetooth headset

Informations:Zenfone 8 - brand new, 5 days of lifeAndroid 12Firmware 31.1010.0411.89Baseband M3.13.24.64Hello everyone, I hope you can help me.When I use bluetooth headsets the person I'm talking to can't hear me well. They tell me my voice is roboti...

Second hand Zenfone 8 has unlocked bootloader

Hope someone can help, I have just bought a second hand Zenfone 8 and on bootup I noticed that the bootloader has been unlocked, as I have no intention to root my phone I wanted to know if anyone knows of an easy(ish) way to re lock the bootloader?, ...

Number of letters - Not displayed.

In mail clients Gmail, Mail.ru, Yandex mail, Spark. The number of letters on the icons of these applications is not displayed!Firmware - ZenFone 8_WW/EU/RU_31.1010.0411.89App versions are up to date!

D_IMAN by Rising Star II
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Zenfone 8 fingerprint sensor not detecting finger

Hi everyone!I bought Zenfone 8 with just 10h of work time, basically brand new. Didn't test the fingerprint sensor before android 12 update and it's not detecting the finger though light of sensor turn on. Previous owner didn't use the fingerprint se...