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Where is 'PowerManager'?

This page advises me to change a setting, via Mobile Manager -> Powermanager. But I find no Powermanager option within the Mobile Manager.

TumTiTa by Star II
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zenfone 8 not able to detect/scan/see 5ghz wifi

Just got a zenfone 8 ZS590KS and found it doesn't work with 5ghz wifi. Searching on this forum and I can see I am not alone (to my surprised it doesn't seem to be fixed!?). The same wifi 5ghz signal works for my older zenfone 5z, macbook pro, iphone ...

usera by Star I
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Some developer options cannot be set

Under developer options, there is a toggle "SSID Bridging - Fast Handover" in the Networking section. Since Android 12, I cannot set it on. Every time I toggled it, when I came back later, it was still off.Then, in the Hardware accelerated renderin...

frantsy by Star III
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Resolved! Sound of media during DND

Is it possible to listen to media (e.g. YouTube or Spotify) when DND (Don't disturb) is switched on? I would like to do that, but I can't find a setting for this.

GPS problem

Cześć, jestem świeżym nabywcą zenfona 8 i wszystko wydaje się być w porządku, prócz GPSa. Mapy google notorycznie tracą połączenie z gpsem. Mam wrażenie, że sygnał sieci komórkowej też nie działa prawidłowo, bo 5G nie łapie nawet na moment. Dawno, da...

Few UI glitches

There are few UI glitches. Font size is Large. Language is Bulgarian.On the last screenshot are Calculator settings. Option About in Bulgarian is misspelled - correct is 'Относно'.

screenshot-20220703-170123768-281-29-7e2.jpg screenshot-20220703-170445864-281-29.jpg screenshot-20220703-170758623-281-29.jpg

Debris or liquid USB port

The phone was in my bag, first time that this is happening. Absolutely no liquid around,no foreign debris, maybe dust only at inspection. Restarted phone... For now all good. Its so sensitive the USB port that Asus disable it just like that compromis...

screenshot-20220702-142008752.jpg screenshot-20220702-141919353.jpg

Not getting gmail notifications

Hello,I have stopped getting gmail notifications a few weeks back. Unless I open the gmail app, I am getting no indication that an email was received. I tried wiping gmail data but it did not help. The only way I can get a notification to appear is t...

Display not as color accurate as advertised/claimed

ASUS claims color accuracy of delta-E<1 on all of their websites for this phone.However, individual display tests done by Notebookcheck (link to their review) and GSMARENA show differently. Even the previous generation Zenfones have better color accu...

wifi doesn't work Asus zenfone 8

Prosím pomozte. Nelze se připojit k wifi a hotspot také nefunguje. existuje nějaké softwarové řešení. nebo ji musím servisovat? díky za pomoc