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Different Versions of Zenfone 8?

I would like to buy a Zenfone 8 but there appears to be different version for different areas of the world. Right now I have found model numbers ZS590KS-2A011EU, ZS590KS-2A007EU and ZS590KS (without any suffix ending). Does anyone know the difference...

LDAC Earphones (Oppo Enco X2) not detected by Zenfone 8

Recently I bought Oppo Enco X2, and it supports both LDAC and LHDC. Since LHDC is not yet supported by Zenfone 8, is it possible to do it via OTA? Since Zenfone 9 already supports it and there's no hardware limitation (My Xiaomi Pad 5 supports LHDC w...

sahil_ms by Star III
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July update?

Has there been a July update to Android 12?I'm wondering if there has been an update to the proximity sensor and screen casting.I'm back on Android 11, I'm not updating until these are fixed.Asus Android 12 still seems like a beta

Revisions and updates : limited shelf life of an Android phone

I am entirely new to Android.If I have understood things correctly, even a brand new ZenFone 8 will only be allowed / permitted / capable of achieving (a) updates to the Android OS and (b) security updates for some linited period - what, maybe 2Y or ...

fergusd84 by Rising Star I
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Ringtone and Media volume control

It is excruciating that the Ringtone and Media vilume are treated identically.(Settings - Sound & Vibration) Typically (even usually?) one would want Ringtone volume to be maintained at some koderately high level with occasional revison, while the id...

fergusd84 by Rising Star I
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Idea Z8 and Z9

Asus should give opportunity, for every Z8 owner to replace to Z9 with some extra discount. For example i give away my Z8, but can get Z9 for 50% price. This would rebuild company good name. OFC if Z9 wont have same problems like Z8.

Tuathe by Star III
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Will Zenfone 8 receive android 14?

Android 14 will have new gpu drivers (vulkan 1.3) which will give performance boost. It's shameful if Zenfone 8 will only receive 2 android update versions

R_2 by Rising Star II
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Pls FIX Adaptive Refresh Rate

ASUS, pls fix the broken Adaptive Refresh rate. Make it simple as other phones. Max refresh (120hz) when interacting with UI and revert to lowest refresh (60hz) when the screen is static. AS simple as that and I know many would be happy!The 90hz is b...