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Battery life

Star III
Duration from a single charge probably depends on how much you use your phone and what you do with it and how fast you set it to run. All controllable.
BUT - in terms of long-term battery care, what's best:
a) run down to 0%, or never below say 10%, or does it matter?
b) charge to 100%, or never above say 90%, or does it matter?
c) charge conventionally as in simple mains-to-cable of which about 30 billion already on the planet, or FAST using the supplied-in-the-box chunky charger - which is indeed astonishingly rapid and convenient, but what is it doing for battery longevity?

Star III
For battery longevity:
1. Never run down to 0%
2. Stay between 30% to 80% (±10%)
3. Charge as frequent as you like. Mini top-ups is better than charging one cycle from low to full.
4. Use Battery Care Steady Charging and/or Schedule Charging

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