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Fingerprint sensor and pocket mode

Rising Star I
I think the fingerprint sensor should be aware of the proximity sensor as well. If I set pocket mode to on still can unlock phone with fingerprint even if the proximit sensor is blocked.
Many skin touches in pocket also possibly trigger safty pincode request.

Please make the fingerprint reading disabled if pocket mode is on (proximit sensor blocked).

Star III
ASUS can't even get the basics right. 😭 First time I ever visited a Help Forum because this phone has so many issues.
It's ridiculous they even put that option where it does nothing but show a useless warning message.
Going back to the Pocket Mode issue. For now, always face the screen away from your thigh/pocket to prevent mistouches. Yes, it's prone to hitting and breaking. But live a little dangerous, no? 😆

Star I
+1 to this request

Rising Star II
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