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Charging problem with 3rd party chargers

Since my topic got locked, i wanna ask if theres any update on the issue. Last time i checked, it still failed to charge more than 4% by using 1st port of my Baseus Gan2 Pro 65W charger. Other devices/phones that i own charge fine. I think phone fail...

ASUS Zenfone 8 Brightness level has gone too low

I am using Zenfone 8 for 8-10 days now.I am using adaptive brightness. While outdoors or indoors level of brightness is too low. When I switch to manual, even it doesn't make any change in nits level.It's a new phone, just been a week of purchasing. ...

Pocket actions

Yeah I know there's already posts about this. But I'm gonna make another so Asus gets off their bum and fixes things.This phone is crap in the pocket.It unlocks with pocket-print.It wastes energy with the power button self pressing and then turning o...

Oscaroo by Star III
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New firmware update today

I'll come back with feedback on proximity sensor problems on calls and brightness changing even if manual set, the most annoying problems for me.


Resolved! Sound YouTube video in landscape

When I watch a video in YouTube with the sound on, the sound stops when I open full screen. So it seems it is not possible to watch a video in landscape with the sound on. Where can I find a setting to repair this?

Double WIFI indicators in the status bar

Hi all, I was wondering why I sometimes have double wifi indicators in the status bar. Is it a bug or a feature? Does it means some option has been turned on? Thanks,Dušan