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Can't send or receive MMS

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I hope someone can help me. Since the update last month I can't send or receive MMS. I can't see the APN settings on my phone as well. It seems since the last update APN settings is no longer shown in the settings screen.

Hey, I have also had this same issue since the 6th of November.. awaiting an update I presume to fix this..?

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I also have this problem of not being able to send or receive MMS. This started after installing firmware 31.1010.0411.138 last month. Strangely, it only affects one of the two SIMs in my phone. The Belong Mobile SIM cannot send or receive MMS, but the Optus SIM can. If I swap the SIMs from slot 1 to slot 2 and vice versa, the issue still happens - I am able to send and receive MMS on the Optus SIM but not the Belong SIM. HOWEVER, if I remove the Belong SIM from the phone, then the Optus SIM is also then unable to send or receive MMS. I tested the Belong SIM in another phone and it was able to send and receive MMS . So this issue is definitely somehow related to the most recent Zenfone 8 firmware update.

I am forwarding the issue to R&D, just a question, which operator are you on right now?

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Hello @Mattias_ASUS ,
Thank you for following this up. The provider for my primary mobile phone service is Belong in Australia. Belong is a subsidiary of Telstra and operates as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator on the Telstra 3G , 4G and 5G networks. My second SIM is an Optus Prepaid Mobile Service on the Optus 3G and 4G networks.