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ZenFone 8 Face ID Not Working

I've recently bought a ZenFone 8 and, due to the last software update, Face ID stopped working properly. It was working perfectly before this update (current version on image bellow). Anybody else having this issue or know how to fix it?Thanks,Paulo....


Zenphone 8 facial recognition issue after latest update

Zenphone 8, no root, after latest update, facial recognition only working for 10-20 times. After restarting the phone, it works again for about the same amount of times. When it's not working, the circle indicator activates, but the camera indicator ...


Giffgaff 'has no known provisioning website'

Hi allI have the same problem as another user reported; that report got no replies - and I'd link it but my notice status prevents that). That is: on Android 12, the following happens. Settings -> Network -> Mobile plan yields: 'giffgaff has no known...

TumTiTa by Star II
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Bug with required pre-installed applications

Dear developers.Please fix the bug with downloading a set of Russian software in the next updates.(Kaspersky, Yandex Disk, Mir Pay, Odnoklassniki, etc.)Which are installed during the initial setup of the device.For example, when the device is already...

D_IMAN by Rising Star I
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Google Assistant Does not work correctly

Hi all.Google Assistant responds to "Ok Google" every other time...1 - 3 days responds to the command stably, then no reaction to the phrase "Okey Google". What with the screen off, what with the on ...Should you turn off / on the device, and how lon...

D_IMAN by Rising Star I
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The MALAYSIAN government is dropping 3G network nationwide and now ASUS phones on DIGI networks are having poor call quality. Please enable VOLTE ON DIGI NETWORK.I have created a survey on Facebook regarding the various networks in Malaysia in which ...

Kojima by Star I
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Google Dialer caused phone crash issues with wired headset?

When i first bought my zenfone 8 (jun 2021) i quickly installed the Dialer app made by Google and started using it instead of the default Asus phone dialer. I have been having the issue of the phone crashing and turning off when using a wired heads...

Missed battery option in Settings

Hi, I have latest .61 FW and through search in Settings I found this option "Screen off auto clean", but by clicking it I enter to default battery settings and not exactly to this option.How can I find it to enable/disable?

dron39 by Rising Star II
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