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Zenfone 8 total blacked out.

Star I
Hi. my Zenfone 8 is just dead (or possibly a ramdump issue based on other user reports). Black screen, no bottom LED, not charging and no sign of display on my screen. after pressing power and volume keys.
I’ve done all the trouble shooting procedures, but until now its still dead. No response at all.
My country is in phillipines and I’m always loyal to the brand asus zenfone. Zenfone 2 laser, zenfone 3, zenfone 4 slefie pro, zenfone 5, and now zenfone 8. I’ve experience some issues on the older units. But not as worst as this.
I’ve brought my unit to giga hertz ( service center of asus in ph) they said that a lot of this units have issues on mother board. They said its past the warranty. My warranty is until may 2022 only. They said it will cost me a lot.
I really loved this compact phone and i hope asus could help me fix this.


Hello, Franciscondes.
We are sorry to hear about your device.
Since the serial number contains personal information, could you please DM with both the serial and RMA number?
Thank you!