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Google Assitant

I don't know if it is a bug or not. Google Assistant won't work sometimes when you will say "Hey Google" or "OK Google". I need to restart the phone and retrain the voice model so that it will work. If I won't restart and retrain, I would hold press ...

Raw image for Android 12 on ASUS Zenfone 8

Hiis there a raw image for Anroid 12 for download available?Currently I use the raw image for Android 11 (WW-ZS590KS-; upgrade to the latest version of Android 11 and then upgrade to Android 12 if one of ...

bnsmb by Star I
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Hi,Sometimes my phone's get lag especially while unlocking my phone

It is 2022 - where .... is VOLTE?

When volte in poland will be enabled?What is the problem? Just enable options in settings/firmware.

pio_zen by Rising Star II
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ZF8 - periodical lag on video record

So i noticed that when filming and watching the videos there's a periodical lag in all my videos. I've tried different resolutions and Hz but still the same (HD is actually better but still lagg sometime). See video @ UHD 60Hz.What could the reason b...



So AT&T has went full VoLTE and now my Asus Zenfone 8 flip is unable to make or receive calls. Is Asus planning on enabling this anytime soon? Central Ohio USA

Quiet voice messages on 3rd party apps Zenfone 8

I've resently bought zenfone 8 and installed all upgrades up to date, i've noticed what voice messages in 3rd party apps (watsapp, viber, telegram) are very quiet, voice recordings in basic mic app are in good quality, please help me fix this problem...

Wi-Fi calling Asus zenfone 8

On my Asus after update to firmware 107 Wi-Fi calling don't work! On my phone working only volte . My operator is T-Mobile Poland. When this service will work corectly?

mar7cin by Star III
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