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No "Require device unlock for NFC" option

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The option "Require device unlock for NFC" is missing in the NFC menu. That is a serious security hole since NFC can be enabled via the quick settings even on locked screen. That allows everyone who holds the phone to make undesired transactions (for ex. with Google Wallet).
According to the official Android sources this option should be present since Android 10 but is missing on ZenFone 8 with the latest firmware image (Android 12).

Hi @atanasuzunov
Thank you for reaching out!
All payments actually require that your phone be unlocked. Only "smaller payments" can be made without unlocking the phone, but that is dependent on your region. Also, the option "Require unlock..." is only present on a certain brand of mobile devices, and not usually present on other Android devices.
You can also refer to the Google support page for more info on this:
Set up screen lock for tap to pay transactions - Google Wallet HelpThank you!

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