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Why essential a RAW image file?

1. Is a RAW image a last help if someone bricked his Zenfone and it could be flashed if the bootloader works yet?2. Is it possible to change a EU version Zenfone 8 to WW version with the WW-ZS590KS-31.1010.0410.61-MR0-2204-user-20220422.zip RAW image...

tzsolt by Rising Star I
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Annoying Android 13 Split Screen

Can we have the android 12 split screen back wherein we could split with only screen only and have the second screen be set independently?Unlike the current implementation where you need to have 2 apps open to split the screen. Then have to close the...

Unsupported Devices (unlock bootloader)

Kia Ora!I contacted Asus support US to get some information about unlocking the bootloader. Here what they sent me by email: There will no longer be maintained for Device Unlock App.We apologize for any inconvenience caused and your consideration wil...

Niaouli by Star III
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Degoogled Asus smartphone project

Hi,Can Asus work on degoogled phone? Make the phone working with the /e/OS, Lineage OS, etc...I've been looking for smaller phone with an excellent flagship such as the zenfone 8. I'm currently with One plus but they're getting worse!If yiu could add...

Niaouli by Star III
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VoWIFI / WiFi Calling Support

Wondering if anyone with a ZenFone 8 has had a similar experience. Just got one brand new (Android 13, fully up to date, not rooted), and already a little disappointed with the overall support experience even though I like the phone itself. For conte...

lizp by Star I
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2 years battery in the warehosue

Hello, I bought a 2021.05. MFD TW Global model and it means that the battery is 2 years old which was in a warehouse somewhere in China then in France.When I powered on the battery has 23% charge. What do you think do I have to worry about this batte...

tzsolt by Rising Star I
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ZenFone 8 screen has turned black and no response

Hello, recently my phone has been turning black especially after calls for like an good hour. I was about to contact about this issue to my local service, but since now it is too late as the phone even wont even boot up or show any kinds of life. The...