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VoLTE in Austria and Roaming in USA

Can you please finally officially support VoLTE in Austria's "3" (H3G) network? What is the actual status on that matter? I can't use regular phone calls when i'm roaming in the USA because VoLTE is not officially supported on my home carrier. Thats ...

steve02 by Rising Star I
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【ZenFone 8 BETA Tester】Join to experience Android 13!

Hi ZenFone 8 users,We will soon have the newest Android system on ZenFone 8. ASUS hereby sincerely invite you to participate in this program to experience Android 13!Q1: What is the Beta Program?Ans: The Beta Program lets users experience the Android...

Laura_ASUS by Community Manager
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WiFi Calling and VoLTE in United States on TMobile

Having an issue on Zenphone 8 with TMobile in USA. I am unable to configure WiFi Calling, and VoLTE shows that I "Need to Register with operator in in order to enable this service" How do I get one of these to work, or are these even an option. Righ...

Zenfone 8 finally dead

Hi everyone,Just to let you know my Zenfone dead at boot screen. I think that I don't want to repair it. Maybe I'll use hammer That was shittiest phone of my life.Now back on my old LG.Cheers


Is it possible to turn off the SIM

I'd like to turn off the SIM, short of removing it. Is this possible?Zen8 is great but Oh My Goodness I miss my BlackBerry. Tasks like this and the flexibility on look n feel n usage generally conferred by the BB10 OS was unmatched.

Pathway to select 2G / 3G / ..

I just cannot find it. Is there a pathway under Settings to select 2G / 3G / Auto etc? (I'd like to try 2G constraint just to assess battery life.)

Any News for Android 13?

Would love to know about a potential OTA Beta, features coming over from Zenfone 9 (like the updated Game Genie), battery life improvements and such. I've used the Android 12 Beta and provided a bunch of information but lately, battery life seems a l...

b0ttl3m4n by Rising Star I
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Phone turned off and won't boot or respond

This morning my Zenfone 8 turned off while I was using it, and won't turn on. It was connected via bluetooth to my car for about 1 to 2 minutes when this happened.I've tried holding down power for 40 seconds as mentioned somewhere, holding power and...

Additional settings for slow motion

Hello, I really love the slow motion mode in the Zenfone 8. My only wish is that slow motion could be used with some of the same options as in pro video mode. In particular I could really use manual focus, the autofocus often makes things out of foc...

fdostie by Star I
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