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VoLTE and VoWIFI - Unifique Brazil

I'm an owner of ASUS Zenfone 8 and also wokr in an operator that's starting a 4G and 5G operation in Brazil.I want to homolog the Asus phone to work in our CORE, which has an IMS with VoLTE and an ePDG to accept the VoWIFI, but couldn't have any resp...

Zenfone 8 died after latest (march 2023) ota update

I can't find the firmware for it on the support website, but I had an OTA update today that had March security update, improved system stability, and one other feature. I installed it and pressed Reboot Now, and now the phone's screen is black and th...

assaf2 by Star I
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ZenFone 8 is not automatically locking.

My phone is not automatically locking. The only way to lock it, and trigger the pattern recognition security feature, is to power it down and then restart. At the moment when I turn on, it simply bypasses the security feature. How do I get it to requ...

Rozmazane fotky

Po aktualizaci android 13 spatne zaostruje fotak. Fotky jsou v nahodnych mistech rozmazane.Foceno na zakladni rezim viz. foto  

Ronni2 by Star II
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WiFi not working

WiFi and hotspot not working. My phone has already been repaired after ramdump.

RockeR by Star III
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Wifi & hotspot zenfone 8 not working

Hello Asus Team, after updating to android 13, wifi & hotspot not working, I have tried to update to android 12 but the result is still the same wifi and hotspot are not working, it looks like my Zenfone 8 has a problem with the hardware, can it be h...

WiFi/Hotspot not work well Zenfone 8 after upgrading android 13

Hello,,after 1 year of using zenfone 8 suddenly wifi doesn't work, hotspot doesn't work, and GPS doesn't work properly. all this started when I upgraded to android 13.the warranty has ended suddenly an event like this happened. can I get an additiona...

Project Treble implementation

The ZenFone 8 has the Snapdragon 888 processor that is the starting point for Project Treble implementation. Commitment to the project can come in the form of 4 years of upgrades pertaining to Android OS versions or at least Android security patches....

mercury0 by Star II
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