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Where is the "Unlock Device Tool"?

Star III

I bought myself a new Asus Zenfone 8 ZS590KS and want to install Lineage OS. It is sayed on the Lineage OS Site, that the modell is officially supported.

But I cannot find the Tool to unlock the Bootloader. It should be in the Drivers section to be downloaded. But I cannot find it there.

1. Where is the Tool and where can it be downloaded?

2. How can i unlock the bootloader as to install Lineage OS?


Rising Star I

According to several posters on XDA, they stopped supporting the unlock tool.

You don't need to hope to get an answer here in this forum, as Asus is now probably focused on ZF10 and don't care about ZF8 anymore (it's not that they ever did).

This is scummy if true. My phone broke due to either bad software (their fault) or bad hardware (their fault). After losing all of my data and being out of warranty by a month, I figure what the hell, may as well root it and install Lineage for *actual* updates and security support.


If I cannot unlock the bootloader this thing is a $700 paper weight. Seen other threads saying "offline for maintenance" since May.  This is horrible communication, horrible customer service, and horrible policies if this is true and accurate info. Even though I own an Asus TUF 3080, as well as an Asus RAMPAGE V Extreme, I will unequivocally denounce Asus products to everyone I know if they choose to lock us out of our own devices.

Star III

Thanks for the rather bad news...Is there a way to unlock the Phone without the unlock tool? Cause I want to install Lineage OS...

I'm looking too, I bought this phone (Zenfone 😎 because Lineage 20 supports it... Now ai can't find a recovery strategy.