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vcard sharing problem

Hi,After last update to android 13 (33.0210.0210.210) on my Zenfone 8 16/256 I cannot share any contact thru Messages app. It says: I could not attatch any attachment.Anyone have a clue, how to solve the problem?Thanks

Zenphone 8 RamDump

My phone shut it self off and I am no longer able to restart it. It is stuck in "waiting for flashing full ramdump". This seems to be a common problem with this phone. Has anyone managed to resolve it in any way other than a replacement of the phone?

Thoughts on Zenfone 8?

Given the growing pains of the Pixel 6, I am considering selling it if the January update doesn’t fix the most annoying things. I have been looking for alternatives and landed on Zenfone 8. It sounds like a good phone on paper except the not so great...

Echo for caller - first minute only

I only recently got a ZenFone 8 and it has been updated to the newest Android 13 firmware. Completely stock. When making calls using the standard app, the person on the other end hears a terrible echo for the first minute of the conversation and then...

Icons shape after upgrade to Android 13

Hi,Changing icons shape dissaperd after upgrade to Android 13 on Zenfone 8.There are only round icons  available Will it be possible to change the shape of app icons ?

raffel by Star II
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Chromecast devices shown twice

After upgrade to Android 13 when casting to a Chromecast device the name of the device appears 2x. I have a Zenfone 8. This occurs on all applications that support Chromecast. In the Home app the device is only shown once.

Xbrew by Star II
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Android 13 and incompatible game genie

Updated to Android 13 beginning of the week.Since then:1. Game genie wont install because its "incompatible"2. A handful of games are refusing to go widescreen and are left with borders 3. Flickering on the edge of chrome pages 4. The notifications v...

Android auto does not work after Android 13 update

 Model Name:  ZenFone 8Frequency of Occurrence: Every timeSince I have updated my Zenfone 8 to Android 13, Android auto does not work for me. The error message sais, I have tó reconnect phone in another slot, or use different cable. I tried this out,...

Vapaal by Star II
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