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Should I buy a Zenfone 8 in 2023?

Star I

I need to buy e new phone in the next few days, and I would like to have a compact phone, and Zenfone is the one I like the most! Through my research, I came across a Zenfone 8 for 429 euros. This phone and price attempt me, but I am not sure if I should buy this one due to the older release date and few updates offered by ASUS. I would like to have a Zenfone 9, but 800 euros feels way too much, and an iPhone mini would be more compact for the same price. Many comparators I used say that at this price, instead of a Zenfone 8 or 9, I should buy a Galaxy S21 FE (350 euros). In other subs, Pixel is the most recommended, and Zenfone is not even mentioned in the recommendations.


Star III

Read the complaints on this board. An update to Android 13 made the WiFi function unavailable. I wouldn't touch any phone this company makes with a ten foot pole.

And no more software updates.

I think it would be a very bad deal.

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I own the ZenFone 8 and it still rocks! 😎 Yes, I have upgraded to the latest Android 13 and I have NO issues with Wi-Fi. It takes great footage and video and I love it for its compact size.

Another phone I use for work is Samsung Galaxy S10e .. also the perfect size and still works like a charm 🙂

I would say that you should buy it if that is your current budget. I will be switching to the ZenFone 10 soon so my 8 will be put out for sale 😁

Rising Star I

Don't be crazy. Get anything else.

Asus has forgotten the ZF8, it has poor battery life and a power-hungry CPU. You can't even unlock it now as the official rooting app doesn't work.

Get anything else, a Samsung or something, you will probably get better support.