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Zenfone 8 mobile data working but Hotspot not giving internet to others

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I recently bought a Zenfone 8 and installed all available  updates and everything is working fine but once I tried giving internet through hotspot it just wont do it... My data works normally but anyone connecting to my hotspot gets a message "connected but without internet".. Ive read others have had this problem also but havent found a solution.. Is the problem Android 13 as ive read from others or will a downgrade be a waste of time? Has there been any recent solution that I havent seen yet maybe? 

Any advice as much appreciated 



Hello @VasilisTerzis 


Is your phone up to date with all firmware releases? 


I would also suggest doing a factory reset. However, if this still happens after doing all that, then you will most likely need to reach out to your local service center! Thank you! 

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Community Manager
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