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Dissatisfied with my Zenfone 8 and Support

So I posted the following issue...https://zentalk.asus.com/t5/zenfone-8/headset-call-answering-issues/td-p/371706and reply promptly, I get no response back and then the bot closes the thread due to inactivity.Well ignoring the issue hasn't resolved t...


Music vs noise cancelling at Zenfone 8 and Android 13.

The music can not be transmitted with WhatsApp and other messengers. The talks work very well.As soon as I start playing music the noise reduction kills the sound. It's impossible to sing and play music at the same time. No separate microphone or spe...

Splint by Star I
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No audio after wire connection

After I connected my phone to the charger, due to low battery, the sound stopped. Spotify worked well, after connecting, signal lost and no playback. 

Vapaal by Star II
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How to determine if my Battery is defective

At battery saver mode from 40% below, and at constant ultra durable mode. No games since I use my zenfone 8 for business purposes.My battery does not survive the day. My screentime today is as attached but already at 48%. And I set limit to 90% charg...

What is the cost of Zenphone 8 motherboard in US?

My phone died last night after almost two years of no issues. It doesn't power back on, no LED when plugged in, no way to reset, just nothing. In doing some research it seems the motherboard may need replacement, but after chatting with CS, they only...

No longer getting 1080p streaming sites

Hello, I love Asus devices and have built up quite the collection over the years. However, I recently noticed that none of my devices are able to stream on services such as Netflix in 1080p anymore. Here are a list of devices that I own:SpoilerASUS_T...

Zenfone 8 Mic problem when video call or loudspeaker

Model Name: Zenfone 8Firmware Version: 33.0210.0210.314Rooted or not: notFrequency of Occurrence: everytimeAPP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): video call and loudspeakerI just realize my Zenfone 8's Mic doesn't work when I'm in...

Resolved! Yet another "Waiting for flashing full ramdump" on zenfone 8

Seems that I'm one of the (too many?) unlucky folks that have gotten this problem with the Zenfone 8; I was simply charging my phone and... voilà!  I've been reading multiple threads, hoping that there's some sort of fix that doesn't require sending ...

WhatsApp Image 2023-09-17 at 22.28.59.jpeg
johnm by Star II
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Unlock Bootloader for Zenfone 8

I am oberving news on the Internet and I would like to ask if anyone knows if unlocking Bootloader for Zenfone 8 will be back in use. I've bought this phone to be able to choose what system I would like to use on it.For example on this forum topic it...

My 1+ year old Zenfone 8 (16gb/256g) wifi won't turn on anymore

I bought the phone March last year and it was the best phone I ever had (since I don't usually spend allot on them). Over the course of course there were bumps and wears throughout but nothing serious. Just months ago I started to notice it restarts ...

Bbbang by Star II
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