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Smart Key - Press and hold - make options similar to Press twice

In Settings > Advanced > Smart Key > 'Press and hold' -Please make sure to add same options as in 'Press twice'.Reasoning: I want to be able to launch AND start the following:Video recordingVoice recordingSo one would be on the 'Press twice' and the ...

Cannot detect wifi after android 13 update

my phone automatically restarted while playing a game. As soon as I restarted it,it cannot detect any wifi connection and hotspot is always disabled. I already tried the troubleshooting steps and resetting to factory settings but it did not work. Can...

Asus Zenfone 8

Hello, please tell me the update to 14 android will be on Asus 8?

NFC not working

NFC does not work on my Asus zenfone 8, i already cleared cache and did a reset of NFC settings and it still does not work. Any ideas what i can do to fix it? Thanks 

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Zenfone 8 will get Android 14?

Hi, I am really pleased with using my Asus Zenfone 8 and really glad that Asus released a phone, not a shovel when it comes to size. I really did not and do not want to invest in iPhone only beacuse of it's size, but do you think that Asus Zenfone 8 ...


Hello... everyone...this talk is for a privacy related topic..Today most of the smartphone has a feature that unlock to switch off. This feature offer more security and privacy for the device that it helps to track the device if someone has stolen it...

Can't keeping settings

This phone has its own decisions. From time to time I need to stop animations because this phone always reactivate them .

experience with battery degradation

please post your experiences with battery degradation on zenfone 8. + some info ... device age, frequency of charging, using fast charger or slow charger, etc ...my zf 8 has minimum battery wear. 2 years, charging every 2 -3 day and i use only slow c...