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Enable to turn on/off notification in Zenfone 8 Phone app

Star I

Is not possible to turn on/off notification in application Phone. I can't see aby notification in pop bar about calls - missing calls. I didn't change anything. I already tried restart my phone, clear cash data, but nothing work. Any idea what to do?





Can you go into settings > battery> and make sure that background app management is disabled? 




It is not problem that notification appear later, but they do not appear at all. So I tried change background app management in battery settings but nothing happened after I restart my phone.

I also instaled new app for calling (Google phone) and change it like my new phone app, but it was not possible to change any settings in this app. BUT... When I set this phone app like this, it was possible to change about my old app for calling. I do not get it. So I activated notification and switch it back to my old calling app, but it was again in active and i was not possible to turn on or off attachment So I deleted Google app. Also I notised, that I have two apps for calling in attachment Both are there from beggining, but one is normal, and another is system app. Also I had one missing phone call Yesterday after a week, which had notification in phone, but no other many missing phone which I tried.

It looks like some app or part of app blocks calling app, but i do not know which one.

I also did not see phone icons in app, only my calls to attachment

Both Apps for calling are in phone from beginning, but it is not possible to delete them.

I tried contact help link from Asus, but they recomened me save data and hardwere format restart.🤦