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How to block actions on lock screen?

Hello. How can I block the phone from turning off or the modification attempt to activate/deactivate networks/location/bluetooth/etc when it is on the lock screen or to what email can I send these product improvements? Asus Zenfone 10

Wrong letter in settings (Croatian language)

New Asus zenfone 10... Croatian language...In the settings under Sound and vibration, it is written incorrectly in Croatian.Instead of Zvuk i vribracija it should be written Zvuk i vibracija Please help how to fix it?Thank you very much!zlihtar

zlihtar by Star II
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Bootloader Unlock tool

When is the bootloader unlock tool coming in? Mention Specific date and not promises. I guess you have worked hard enough but the sheer persistent lack of transparency is commendable.Put the similar effort where its actually needed.More lawsuits comi...

zenfone 10 question

Currently have a zenfone 9. Am thinking of getting a zenfone 10.Zenfone 9 has been a great phone but it does appear to be having some data corruption going on and I suspect that over time its storage will go bad.AI2302 is that model number for intern...

Brightness automatic set to maximum when open camera app

My Zenfone 10 has been updated to Android 14 with Release key: WW_34.1004.0204.143.How to reproduce bug:Open Camera AppWhat happened:After camera opened, the screen brightness automatic set to maximum. Then after close camera app, the screen brightne...

Gfftrw by Star I
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A huge security problem.

Whenever I press the fingerprint setting, or the face recognition, without entering any password, it will show me the seeing page for a short time, short enough to disable fingerprint or face recognition! Here is a video demonstrating the problem.+ V...

M_K_E by Star III
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Status bar bug after update 34.1004.0204.143

Hello everyone!I noticed a weird bug after the latest update. The network speed metre in status bar always displays "0 B/s" unless "refresh rate" is also enabled.Please, help!Thank you.

Wifi issues Zenfone 10

I got my new Zenfone 10 yesterday and I noticed that I was getting a lot of packetloss and high ping. I went back to my old phone to check my wifi and it worked. So why is my Zenfone 10 getting issues? I have this wifi range extender:tp-link.com/se/h...