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Zenfone 10 Screen Sampling Rate

I noticed that my previous phone - Poco F3, is more responsive than the Zenfone 10 (16/512).When I move around, try to go back with gesture and go back to home I have to do the same movement many times and I do it the same way all the time (it's like...

savery by Star I
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About getting ZenFone 10

Hi Guys, please provide your opinion if it's worth getting a ZenFone 10 in 2024. I always wanted a compact phone, ZF10 was around 749£/€ during the launch, now it's reduced. I know the trend these days are the AI and stuff. Stumbled little bit on the...

axool by Star I
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The last small flagship?

Heya!I'm about to move back to android and I'm looking for a small phone. Like many, I have been waiting for the next Zenfone only the be utterly disappointed by that chonkster Asus has brougth us.Been looking for alternatives and now I'm kinda confu...

gimengo by Star I
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Zenfone 10 cannot connect to android auto wireless

The most infuriating thing is that my wifes samsung galaxy s23 connects instantly. The zenfone connects to the audiosystem and to the wireless calling but keeps getting stuck on connecting to android auto. The phone is on android 14.Car model: Hyunda...

Treacon by Star I
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Zenfone 10 Belt Case

In need of a new belt case for Zenfone 10. Anyone have a good recommendation? Most of the belt cases I've seen are rather large for the 5.9" phone.

Slow charging Zenfone 10 to improve battery health

I just got a discount and bought ZF10, included inside was a 30W original charger. From what I read, using low-watt chargers could help decrease charging temperature and extend battery life by not stressing the battery with high amperes, while at the...

selfie camera problem zenfone 10

hello I have purchased this zenfone 10 for about a week now. so far I have no problems with the phone except for the selfie camera having occasional flickering black lines on video call and sometimes but every rarely the whole screen turns red. is th...

Zenfone 10 notifications dismissed and not showed up

Hi,I'm facing some issue with notifications on my zenfone 10, it was received my display was blinking when it's arrived. but the problem is my phone didn't make any sound or even vibrate. when I tap the notification bar, it came to recently dismissed...

RBW004 by Star I
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