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Where are system notification sounds located?

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Of course, you can select them in the application's notification settings. However, I have a problem with one application, where after installing it, there is a "none" sound for notifications. When I want to assign a sound, a list appears, but not notification sounds, as is the case with any other application, but sounds for calls, which is some kind of error... So the question is how to bypass this and be able to select sound appropriate for the notification.

And if you don't know, please let me know in which system directory the sounds are saved. I've searched everything (the appropriate ROOT browsing app), but they're nowhere to be found, much less in the standard "System/media/audio" path.


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Hey @thdrtyhdrtf,

Can you please mention which app are you experiencing this issue with?

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Hey @thdrtyhdrtf,

Can you please mention which app are you experiencing this issue with?

Sorry for accepting as solution - wrong.

App is , same as 

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I’m having an issue with one specific application where the notification sound is set to "none" by default after installation. When I try to assign a sound, the list that appears contains sounds for calls instead of notification sounds. This seems to be some kind of error.

What I’ve Tried:

  • I’ve checked the application’s notification settings, but I can only see call sounds, not notification sounds.
  • I’ve used a ROOT browsing app to search for system sound files, but I couldn’t find them in the standard "System/media/audio" path or anywhere else.


  1. How can I bypass this issue and assign an appropriate notification sound?
  2. If that’s not possible, can someone tell me where notification sounds are saved in the system directory?

Any help or guidance on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

1. I don't hink there is a way to "bypass" this issue. In my case, I just added an other sound.

2. /system/product/media/audio/