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Themes & Icon packs for Zenhone 10...???

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How is this possible, that after more than 6 months there is still no Themes or Icon packs for new Zenfone phones ??? I can't believe that ASUS don't care about it's clients which pay ~$1000 for a phone.

Do have anyone any idea where to find it? Even on Google Play there is nothing...


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You can download icon packs and apply them from the Google play store, not all of them work unfortunately. As for themes yeah that sucks! Zenfone is way out of competition when it comes to customizations ! Can even get their UI coloring, widget resizing the right way . 

Can't even customize clock on lock screen U CAN JUST RESIZE IT , the animation when transacting from always on display to lock screen is hideous ( there is non ) just a black screen. 

So yeah a lot of work


Hi @thdrtyhdrtf,

I understand your frustration. However, I have forwarded your feedback to the team. 

@Mansi_ASUS  how can I change my stupid profile name...? I can't find any option in my profile to do it... PLEASE HELP ME.