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Resolved! Disable text magnifier?

Maybe it's just me, but the text magnifier that pops up when moving text cursor does more harm than good as it "breaks" text line and makes it unreadable in some use cases. For example, scrolling web page address in browser's URL bar, where moving te...

793 by Star II
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Wifi low speed

Hi, I have issues with WiFi on my new Zenfone 10. First connect after turn on WiFi on the phone is always working properly. I am not turning off WiFi. Next day i can feel very slow web page loading and unusable video streaming. Speedtest result at th...

Search bar in bottom of the home page?

Would it be possible to enable the search bar to be placed on the bottom of the home screen? Should be a simple update for the Asus launcher? Like how it is on many other phones like the Pixels, Sonys etc.  

Xenda by Star III
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Zenfone 10, what we thinking?

Just watched the 20 minute event, and I've got to be honest, it was kind of dissapointing. I'm afraid battery life will be worse with the 8 gen 2 and 144hz while still keeping 4300mAh capacity. Also same Sony sensor used for main camera as zenfone 9

Zenfone vibrating with aftermarket case

I got an AliExpress case with the typical rubber plastic case glued to a flip case (where I can put all my ID/credit cards and some bills and the magical emerngcy balloon).But when I hold the phone, I guess there is pressure somewhere around it, and ...

Navigation buttons too small - Zenfone 10

Just received Zenfone 10 - near-perfect phone, love it. ASUS picking up Samsung's slack.Just a small niggle - as others have said about previous models, the navigation buttons are very small at the bottom of the screen - the hit box could do with exp...

Resolved! Outdoor mode Zenfone 10

Can we bring back outdoor mode for the volume for Zenfone 10? It was on zenfone 9 but no longer on 10.

esp2002 by Rising Star I
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Zenfone 10 lock screen issue

There is a option in the setting to allow people to display big clock :alarm_clock: when there's no notifications. When it's off, the clock will display as a small clock on the top left corner. The issue is when I turn on big clock display,  later wh...

Screen dimmed caanot be seen on my zenfone 10

My zenfone 10 has experienced fww time that the screen was dimmed by itself and cannot do anything to fix it until I lucky van swipe down and swipe on the brightness bar to brighten it, but it needs to be restarted to fix it totally, otherwise, it wi...