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zenfone 10 release in india ??? 


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Zenfone 10 is definitely not going to release in India, maaaaybe the Zenfone 11 or later (IF Asus appeals AND wins the appeal of this court case) -

TLDR: Asus probably has "Zenfone" trademarked around the world,
but the issue is in India, Asus started selling "Zenfone" devices in 2014,
while Telecare Network has the trademark registered for "Zen" and is in business since 2008.
Telecae sued Asus and won in the Delhi High Court in 2019.
That's why Asus cannot use the term "Zen" and "Zenfone" for mobile phones and release Zenfones in India, but still does release ROG phones, laptops and other devices.

Best solution for you rn imo? Get one from outside. (But expect no service support in India cos of the court case obviously)

I dont see that may be the case, because anyhow we have seen Asus started selling Zenfones without Zenfone branding in india later.

For example "Global name for 8 series was Zenfone 8 while in india it came as Asus 8Z"

Even m not happy that Zenfone lost its way in india Asus should clearly release statement for indian loyal fans what is the strategy and why india is skipped every year?

I am still using Zenfone 5z as my daily driver waiting for Asus to release any Zenfone in india in near future.

Common Asus as a loyal fan we want to upgrade our Zenfones please dont dissapoint us we have already beared patience since long please break ur silence and bring smile of Indian Loyal fans like me 💔

Waiting for next generation Zenfone release in india@Mansi_ASUS @Titan_ASUS