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Issue with event tickets stored in Google Wallet - NFC/Tap to Enter

Star I

Has anyone stored event tickets (like for Ticketmaster concerts/sports) in their Google Wallet and tried to use the phone's NFC to validate when entering a venue and have it declined/errored forcing you to revert to scanning with the barcode instead?

I've used both the Zenfone 9 & 10 and they both have had this exact same issue. If I use my old Pixel 4 with the same Google Wallet and then tap with NFC to enter it works. So that's what leads me to believe it's a Zenfone/Wallet issue.

I will add that I've never had any issue using either Zenfone with Google Wallet's tap-to-pay/NFC payments. I'm just trying to figure out if this is a Wallet/Device (Zenfone)/Ticketmaster issue. Thanks.