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Notification delay on AOD

Really annoying thing with the Zenfone 10 - there will be a vibration for a notification but the icon will not show on the AOD until it moves, which obviously can be up to a minute later. This isn't the case on the Samsung handsets I've come from - t...

OptiFlex — unavailable for some apps?

So there is this feature called OptiFlex that helps keeping apps in memory to avoid reloading, which is exactly what I'd like for my browser apps.In system settings it can be enabled for specific apps, and I see Firefox browser there. However, aside ...

793 by Star II
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Edge tools - supported applications

Some applications does not seem to be compatible with the edge tool. One perfect example is the setting "application", which feels very odd.

vilwen by Star III
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Refresh rate inconsistencies when using "auto" setting.

When using the auto setting for the refresh rate it's just very inconsistent. It never goes beyond 90 hz, few apps like YouTube also maxed out at 60 hz, even if you're scrolling through the homepage.  

Xenda by Star III
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PPS charging not always working

I bought this phone last week. It has a problem recognizing PPS chargers as quite often the hypercharge functionality doesn't kick in and the phone indicates regular fast charging instead.It seems that the included charger always works as it should b...

Resolved! touch fingerprint to unlock and ArCore

Hi,on my previous phone unlocking was simple: touch the fingerprint > phone unlockednow I need to wake the phone first, is there a way to avoid that?Also anybody know when Arcore functionality will be available on this phone?Thanks!

f3g4t0 by Star I
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Contact photos do not show in contact list

Just got my new Zenfone 10 and discovered that in the contacts list there doesnt seem to be any setting to display a contact photo beside the contact name in the contact list. I set the photos to be able to easly find the person I am looking for so l...

Resolved! CTS profile match fail on stock Zenfone 10

I just got my Zenfone 10 and have only used it for a day. But a couple of apps won't work with error message "SafetyNet failure". YASNAC application tells me it is "CTS profile match fail".Why is this happening on a brand new device? And how do I fix...

Resolved! Disable text magnifier?

Maybe it's just me, but the text magnifier that pops up when moving text cursor does more harm than good as it "breaks" text line and makes it unreadable in some use cases. For example, scrolling web page address in browser's URL bar, where moving te...

793 by Star II
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Wifi low speed

Hi, I have issues with WiFi on my new Zenfone 10. First connect after turn on WiFi on the phone is always working properly. I am not turning off WiFi. Next day i can feel very slow web page loading and unusable video streaming. Speedtest result at th...