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Zenfone 10 Unlocks Itself

Star I

This is a massive privacy/security flaw. I can't believe this hasn't been caught or patched out of the current firmware version.

If my Zenfone 10 is locked within about 5 seconds of receiving a notification, it will unlock itself completely.

I have pattern and fingerprint security enabled.



Hey @whedon80,

Can you please provide the following information:

  1. How often does this issue occur?
  2. Did you first notice it after the latest FW update?
  3. Have you enabled any of the following:
    - Face unlock
    - Fingerprint unlock (if it is enabled, did you set up the screen off unlock as “press or touch”?)
    - Smart lock
    - Always on
    - New notifications (setting>display>new notifications)
    - Double tap wakeup
    - Lift to check phone
    - Pocket mode
  4. Does this issue happen when the phone is suspended?
  5. Does the screen wake up automatically when you receive a notification?
  6. Do you remember which app notification unlocks the phone?

Star III

I have noticed the same issue. At first I thought it was just my mind tricking me, and I cannot reproduce the issue, but looks like a new  notification is a thing when I come to think of it.

Here's my information

fw: 34.1004.0204.14

only noticed it after receiving this update, happens several times a day

face unlock: no

fingerprint unlock:Yes, unlock on press

 smart lock: no

always on:no

New notifications:no

double tap wake-up: yes

lift to check phone: no

pocket mode: yes

don't understand what does "phone suspended"means

screen do not wake up automatically when I receive a notification

I recalled signal app breaks the screen lock, not sure about other apps


pattern: yes

Apparently there is no limited time window for the unlock instead of 5 seconds mentioned by @whedon80. Sometimes it just unlocked itself without receiving notification or anything.