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Tearing display, bad refresh rate sync, unable to set rate etc.

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Related to my last topic
I reinstalled windows but problem did not solved
Now I know that my problem is bad refresh rate sync (idk why no one moderator didn't hint me about that). Most observable in Chrome.
I remind what is this thing. See the video:

My display is sometimes tearing, because vertical sync or turned off neither not working.
I tried to change via Nvidia control panel, all values - no effect

Regarding to Intel adapter I can't set rate due options is disabled

I don't understand which adapter I should adjust, intel or nvidia?
In display settings I see intel adapter, but I set up nvidia as preferable adapter windows (explorer.exe) and chrome.

I also don't understand why my display is generic microsoft driver. I know that laptop's display is a Samsung OLED display.


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Breaking news. I figured out that is Chrome . Problem in other browsers does not appear. 


As mentioned in the previous response, since we are unable to reproduce the same issue as you experienced, if the issue occurs only in specific software, we recommend that you consult with the respective software support team. Alternatively, you may consider using a different browser. Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.