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Asus Zenbook Oled 14 display

Star I

just bought the Zenbook Oled 14 UX4305. i bought the unit with the intel core ultra 5 125H. this is my first time with Asus Laptop, 

i am asking about the refresh rate of the display. when i use the laptop with the refresh rate set to dynamic 60 or 120, when i plugged the laptop to power source, it always use the 120Hz refresh rate. but when i unplugged the laptop it went back to 60Hz (not the dynamic refresh rate). is there a way when i unplugged the laptop, it doesnt go to the default 60Hz but using the dynamic refresh rate. 

Thank you in advance. 


Rising Star II


Did you set your display refresh rate to 120 via MyAsus?


Star I

No, i set it in the windows advanced display setting. ok i'll try setting it through MyAsus settings. thank you