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No USB-C display output on ROG Flow X13 GV301QE

Star III
Hi all,
I've been having issues getting USB-C displays to work on my Flow X13 running Windows 11. I've tried a variety of docks/adapters, restarting my laptop, resetting my BIOS, messing around with drivers, nearly everything I can think of short of a factory reset.
Occasionally, I can get an image to show up on my monitor if I fully turn off the laptop (not just restart, but literally 'shut down' and then turn it back on again) but if I unplug and replug the type-c adapter into the same port, I will once again get no image.
Does anyone know of a solution?

Rising Star II
Hi @kejgoh ,
It's great to hear the issue resolved.
Thank you.

Star II
Wow. It seems like my issue is fixed. Firmware 409 and this other PD update (in the MyAsus app), which I can't seem to find anymore, seems to have fixed the problem.

Cautiously optimistic but thank you Asus!