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ZenBook GPU's - Can I separate outputs?

Star I

My ZenBook Flip uses intel GPU and Nvidia GeForce 1050. Is is possible to separate the two, and direct the intel graphics output to the attached native display and have the Nvidia output go through the HDMI for secondary display only?



It is recommended that you refer to the following FAQ instructions.
Thank you.
[Windows 10] How to set the application as the discrete graphics used

Apparently, since my ZenBook was built 4 years ago, and Asus never thought to update the BIOS, I am unable to perform what should be a simple task. In order to properly calibrate my 27-inch LG 4K secondary display, I need to assign each of the two GPUs to one output. So the Intel would feed the ZenBook display, and the Nvidia GeForce 1050 would be directed to the HDMI port for my secondary monitor. It seems like such a simple request. During my research into this issue I encountered a possible solution whereby a BIOS switch could assist. I guess that only applies to newer ZenBooks? I am disappointed.