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Ryzen 4800H (FX506IU) stutters every 4-5 hours

System: Win 10Battery or AC: not matterModel: FX506IUFrequency of occurrence: every 4-5 hours.Reset OS: +Screenshot or video: ========================Detailed description:For the 6th month now, there is no solution to the problem with stuttering soun...

LoweRus by Rising Star I
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1660 phoenix super oc 6g 1fan

Hi, I have a 1660 single-fan graphics card, and the temperature is always 85 during the game. What is the average temperature of this graphics card?

fogo744 by Star I
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GL503GE connecting Additional Monitor?

System: Windows 10, version 20H2Battery or AC: ACModel: GL503GEFrequency of occurrence: Always, All gamesReset OS: yes Screenshot or video: Bios: V318========================Detailed description:USB TYPE C can it be use for connecting additional ...

Mihnea by Star II
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FA706QR Asus TUF A17 won't go to sleep

Hello,need support with the following machine, Asus FA706QR, with BIOS FA706QR.400 running on win 10.It won't go to sleep no matter what I do, regardless if on battery or plugged in. Pressing FN+F11 as well as the power button, shortly, as well as cl...

Asus TUF Gaming A15 freezing with netflix

Recentemente eu comprei um asus TUF Gaming A15 e instalei a Netflix pela loja da Microsoft. Quando estou a ver alguma coisa lá e pauso o vídeo o computador também para por completo e a unica forma deste voltar a funcionar é reiniciando-o.English: Rec...

Asus auto shutdown

System: 64 bit operating systemBattery or AC: Model: Frequency of occurrence: Reset OS: Screenshot or video: ========================Detailed description:

I just wanted to go from 'Silent' to 'Performance' in CS:GO

As the title said: I just wanted my G712LU to go from one to another.Now it is a mess.It goes to 'Performance' and then goes back to 'Silent' when the game starts. I, still have to manually select 'Performance'.I just want to delete the whole bind bu...