Zenbook 13 OLED (UX325, 11th Gen Intel) camera unrecognized

rscanorscano Level 1
edited May 2 in ZenBook

Hi, since some updates in Windows 11, with the last driver (2022-01-01 Version V10.0.22000.20193) and also with previous, camera is recognized only when you install drivers. After reboot, at startup is not recognized. When i go back to periphericals management, i see that in USB there is a unknown element. Removing it, reinstalling drivers it works until the next reboot. Seems like every reboot loses .inf data for camera. Only when drivers are loaded first time, camera is available in periphericals management. In the other cases, is not available.

So, camera works, seems to be a USB controller / driver issue. I've contacted support (italian) and said that need to wait for another driver version, but i would like to know if this is a know issue or if i need to wait without timing for a new driver :)


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