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IR webcam doesn't work

Star I

Hi everyone. I have a Zenbook 13 oled code UX325ea and I used its camera for 5 months without any problem but suddenly it stopped working.  I tried updating it but didn't work so I uninstalled it and after that I can't install the camera driver again. I tried any solution from internet such as installing camera drivers manually and using imaging devices section but all I get is this ( device can't start) and also camera driver won't install. When I open camera app I got this massage ( No cameras are attached). And yes I already pressed my F10 key 🙂

I already mentioned my problem with Asus support but it seems that they don't care at all.

is there someone who can guide me through this ? And please consider the fact that I tried all basic steps such as updating Bios and troubleshooting 

My bios version is 320

kind regards


Rising Star II

According to your solving problem description, I think that you need to see Asus repair service. Your camera can be damaged. In my zenbook the information concerning Camera is shown in Device manager like attached.  

Normally, after uninstalling your camera drivers, windows must detect it when starting. 


I already tried their costumer service but didn't receive anything so far. 

in my device manager there is nothing such as camera showing and it is really weird?!

"I already tried their costumer service but didn't receive anything so far. " You mean that Asus service did a diagnostic of your laptop or just the Asus service didn't come to see your laptop (as my 3 years garantee allow me to get Asus service at home. I got it 3 times already. 

If there is a Asus service in your city, why not to get it done over there?

If Asus cannot detect your camera, I think that there is a hardware problem: the connection between the Camera and mainboard unit might get unattached for example. If it is a driver problem, your device manager should give a yellow color warning in front of your camera devices. 

If your laptop got opened for any reason, may be the camera connection unit is not well reassembled. 


Star I

I also believe that it's a hardware issue. I live in germany and apparently there are no physical service centers in here. I submitted a ticket from asus service but did not receive a response yet. My device has not been opened yet and that's why I can't believe such thing happened to a brand new device!