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[GUIDE] Asus T100 series not turning on Corrupt "bricked" BIOS fix/ BIOS recovery method

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This fix works for the Asus T100, T100TA, T100TAM, T100TAF, etc series tablets.

If your tablet stopped turning on after a bios update or your tablet just stopped working and you're positive it's not a hardware or OS issue then there's still hope. The power and the webcam indicator lights should still work, not that they're necessary for the fix but they do help in terms of telling you the "mode" you're in.

"xxx and ___ are used as placeholders and will be used interchangeably"

Fix a Corrupted BIOS on any of the Asus T100xxx laptop/tablet models:

Requirements: A separate computer with access to the web, and a USB flash drive.


Step 1.1 Download your tablet-specific BIOS from Asus Download Center: (MAKE SURE IT'S THE SPECIFIC BIOS FILE FOR YOUR MODEL), I recommend the latest version BIOS but if for some reason you want an older version, go for it.

Step 1.2 Format your pen drive to fat32 and rename it to ASUS.

Step 1.3 Extract the bios files to your USB drive, the name should look something like this: and the extension (.xxx) should be some numbers, in my instance, the file was called (T100TAMAS.400)

Step 1.4 Rename the file: remove the AS at the end and change the extension to .bat (if you can't change the extension check the bottom of this section, to "How to enable file extensions"). It should look like this (T100___.bat), and you're ready to unplug your "BIOS recovery" USB drive.

Result example: (T100TAMAS.400 ---> T100TAM.bat)

# IMPORTANT precautionary steps before you continue: make sure you have the tablet plugged in, and powered off, if you're unsure if it's off: hold the power button until the power light starts flashing white and orange and then turns off, if it instantly starts flashing white then you just powered the tablet on, so repeat the procedure.

BIOS Flash: yes flashing your bios is risky, but in this case, your bios is already corrupted, so no, it's not risky.

Step 2.1 Plug in you're newly created recovery drive

Step 2.2 Press and hold the power button and the side button simultaneously, until the camera indicator light turns on and stays on.

Location of side button: on either side of your tablet


Step 2.3 Wait and don't touch anything.

When the progress bar is full (BIOS flash completed), your tablet should automatically restart or it may prompt you to press any key, and then it will boot into the operating system (Windows 8.1, 10, or 11, depending on which one you've been using.) Windows should either start normally, or you will be met with a screen that says something along the lines of "repairing your PC, preparing automatic repair, (etc.)", which is 100% normal, just wait for it to finish and your tablet will be back on Windows.

No Easy Flash:

So something didn't work? okay, let's trace back our steps.

Power off your tablet and restart from step 2.1

You may have incorrectly named the bios file, restart from step 1.4

If it still doesn't work you probably need to get a new BIOS chip, or use a BIOS chip programmer:

ch341a BIOS chip programmer guides:

How to enable file extensions: