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I thought Asus was good

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So, right now Im using this Asus Zenbook Duo UX482 or whatever, and after 3 months of use it just suddenly stopped working. I plugged the charger and started using it alongside my Desktop for working and after a few minutes the screen simply turned off and then it eventually just completely died. Of course it was still under warranty so I just took it to assistance and they claimed Asus sent them a new hardware to replace the one that was broken (not a new laptop, just a new piece of hardware which they didn't really specify). Also, the built in keyboard's F4 key (which also reduces brightness) came broken from factory but I forgot to tell the assistance about it. Either way, eventually they fixed this expensive and unrecommendable crap and then I got it back. Now I'm having to reinstall and reconfigure EVERYTHING in it, INCLUDING it's softwares such as that one that gives tools to Zenbook Duo's dual screen but I can't install it because this poorly programmed website doesn't recognize the Serial Number I just copied from MyAsus (which is the same at the back of my laptop) and keeps pretending my SR need 2 more digits - which it CLEARLY doesnt. I hope that after updating MyAsus about a few hundreds more times it just starts working like it should, since not even Battery Health Charging is working anymore.
That's all. Tell your website programmers to learn how to make a captcha work. Bye and please improve your products and assistance.



Hello, aandrac .

Sorry for the slow reply due to the Lunar New Year holiday and any inconvenience this may cause.

Could you kindly share the Asus Zenbook Duo UX482 serial number and the information required in the PM inbox so that we can help you discover the specifics of your problem? 

In addition, it is advised that you connect an external monitor to verify the condition if you experience issues increasing the brightness and cause no display.

Thank you.

Community Manager
Community Manager
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