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ZenFone 9 software is a shame !

Star III

Hey @Mansi_ASUS, @@and all other Asus clown

Can you show a litttle respect for thoses who spent 700€ for your crappy phones ?

GPS fix is still not working and we dont have any update

Every update is worse and worse, feature disappaer, battery life is melting for no reasons, the famous "other" draining 20% battery everyday,....

You have tons of logs sent by a lot of users on every thread and nothing move

Now, stick your fingers out of your as** and provide us the clean software we deserve ! (I dont expect good update anymore, but at least something better than the 1st grade trainee work we actually have.)


Star II

I'm not sure if they even read thiese forum anymore. 

Star III

@Mansi_ASUS  @eduardo_ASUS @keren_ASUS @Panda_ASUS @STARRAIN_ASUS @Falcon_ASUS @Olivier_ASUS @Anbby_ASUS @Aureliannn_ASUS @Mattias_ASUS @Jiaszzz_ASUS @Laura_ASUS