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[ZenFone 9] Join the Android 14 Preview Program

Hi ZenFone 9 users, We will soon have the newest Android system on ZenFone 9. ASUS hereby sincerely invite you to participate in this preview program to experience Android 14! What is the Android Preview Program? Android Preview Program lets users ex...

Laura_ASUS by Community Manager
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Photo Thread: Pets Being Weird

This month we are hosting a photo thread for everyone to post a picture of your pets, ‘Pets being Weird.’ Share your adorable and funny pet photos in this thread! Whether you have a cuddly cat, a playful dog, a feathery bird, or any other delightful ...

ROG Cetra True Wireless

I am having connection problems with  the ROG Cetra True Wireless Headphones, sometimes it doesn't connect and sometimes connect to one earphone only.  My Zenfone 9 build number is WW 33.0804.2060.73 and is not rooted, it happens often 

berto35 by Rising Star II
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Marshall Major 4 unusable when using a 3.5mm cable

Zenfone 9WW_33.0804.2060.73Not rootedAlwaysAll appsWhen I connect my Major 4 headphones to the phone using a 3.5mm cable (I have 3 different ones, the issue is reproduced on all three) the only thing I can hear is very loud white noise. Headphones th...

yaro330 by Star III
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Resolved! Alarm clock ZenFone 9

Hi I notice that when telefone is on silent mode or no sound mode alarm clock sound is also off. Only vibration is working. Any chance to fix that ?Zenfone 9, Android 13

Acze by Star I
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Smart lock not working

Model Name: Asus zenfone 9 16/256Firmware Version: WW_33.0804.2060.73Rooted or not: noFrequency of Occurrence: 50%APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): smart lock featureI have a Galaxy watch 4 on as a trusted device so that when...

Resolved! Bug with sliding between apps zenfone 9

Model name: Zenfone 9firmware version : latest as of 19/01/2023Rooted: NoFrequency of occurrence: oftenProblem relates to: recent apps softwareWhen swiping up and holding to check recent apps and switch between them, there's a bug where suddenly scre...

Oli1 by Star I
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BUG Photos Camera WW-33.0804.2060.73

every time you take the photo independently of the camera, the same, when you zoom in on the photo, it gets all pixelated + blurred. a premium phone that takes very bad low quality pictures.android 13  WW-33.0804.2060.73root: NOcamera app:

Resolved! Post-processing / sharpening UPDATE please see thread

I just purchased  a Zenfone, and I am pleased to see that the post-processing in photos and video is a lot less aggressive than I thought it would be. However, I have noticed that video playback, even on YouTube, shows distinct fringing around printe...