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Issue with red showing as yellow in camera

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I wanted to take picture of this software I use at work and to my surprise the red "button" is yellow on the picture from the ZF9. If the button is out of focus, the color of it is correct. I thought it could be something with the screen's filter making it look like that in all pictures, but my coworkers iphone took it correctly and back at home with an old S5 the colors are also correct.
More worrying is the fact that its the same with the GCam and every app with cam capture ability, so its just not a bug in the stock camera app.
Is it just my own ZF9? I will provide a screenshot of that software here, could someone use it to take picture of the "button" in their screen? This is a serious issue imo since the color is completely changed, its not just an inaccuracy.

The forum here only supports 1 attachment (thanks asus) so I uploaded the pictures on imgur. They are NOT 18+  I promise, idk why it says that.

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It seems to be to do with the exposure. If you tap to focus directly on the exposure, dragging its little exposure icon up and down changes between showing the yellow when it is a higher exposure and the red when it is lower.


Hey @lambrosgg,
Can you share the original photo file?

I attached a screenshot, all the pictures are uploaded on imgur.

I did try to change the exposure, but at the point where the red was actually the correct color, everything on the picture were very dark. I also tried to mess in the pro mode, changing the ISO and white balance but again to make the red actually look red and not yellow the picture was way too dark.

Imo the phone on auto should take the picture with the correct color. If the darkness from changing the exposure or ISO or WB is necessary (I am not a photographer) so be it. Still,I don't understand why it cant be bright, like the picture with the yellow button but with the correct colors.

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