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Incorrect APN settings in Luxembourg and no VoLTE

Star I

First time ASUS smartphone user here. I have a Zenfone 9.

I tested two out of the three bigger telecom operators in Luxembourg, Orange and Post, and for both of them the APN settings were wrong to the point of having no internet connection at all. The current APN settings shipped with the phone are extremely outdated. The names used for the APN settings use the old network names VOX mobile and LuxGSM, which are at least a decade old, proving that indeed these settings are ancient.

This never happened to me with any other smartphone brand. It was the first time I had to configure the APN settings manually, so this was a surprise and it would be good to be fixed for future ASUS users.

Another feature not working is VoLTE. I know because I contacted Post, that VoLTE is enabled for my number from my telecom provider side and I even tested it with my wife's phone (different brand) were it works perfectly, so it was a huge disappointment to see that it is not enabled in the Zenfone 9 with Post. After searching for solutions I noticed that this is a common theme all around the world, so I don't have high hopes, nevertheless here is a request to update the phone's fimware to include VoLTE with Post.

I would really appreciate if ASUS talks with the Luxembourgish telecom operators directly to get the correct APN settings and also hopefully enable VoLTE.

I love the phone, but the lack of VoLTE support will make me seriously consider my options on my next upgrade cycle. My wife's phone costed half the price, has all the APN settings working out of the box and VoLTE also working flawlessly, so yeah it is hard to understand that a more expensive phone has these issues and just because of software/firmware.

Hoping for some attention from ASUS.


Rising Star I

There won't be working volte/vowifi, don't count on it. 

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Community Manager
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