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System apps, phone app issue

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Model: ZE620KL
Firmware/APP Version: WW_16.0615.1912.115
Frequency of Occurrence: from android 9, constantly
Rooted: No
APP Name: System apps, phone app

Last edited by rbandziulyte on 2019/12/24 20:03 I have a few questions. After new, old firmware, many problems. 1. What app manages incoming, missed, outgoing calls and voice mail settings? I can't find it in the phone app. In the phone app i find: inbox call and going call. 2. Incoming, missed, calls i found telecom service app. Yet missed calls find contacts app. Where to find outgoing calls,voice mail? Some sort of mess. 3. Defaults programs> phone app> contacts. Has the contacts app started to control the phone? Very strange. Maybe, the others phone are set differently. 4. Please, someone upload your screenshot defaults programs. 5. Notifications settings for the phone app incorrect. Behavior>show silent. Sound>there is no. aybe that's why some don't see incoming calls - barisbas2641. 6. Phone app there is no "display over other apps". Why you removed this feature? 7. Asus app launcher "display over other apps" not working.It is frozen after android 9 update. I am unable to move slider to grant permission. Wrote the same niramaysonibhp, post on 2019/5/8. Clear cache & storage does not help. There are no three points to remove program updates (restore factory settings). Why you removed this feature? 8. Developer option>disable"bluetooh" A2DP. Slider on. I turn it off and after a while it turns on again. Maybe it needs to be turned on? 9. Microphone problem when it sometimes doesn't work. Sometimes, my friends hear me bad when calling. To me it has been since the purchase of the phone. Google say ok, google assistant and voice mach disabled. 10. Why many Asus apps it is not possible to remove program updates? 11. Before each update i do Wipe cache partition. I understand and maintain the phone.

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Hello everyone. Please, someone upload your screenshot defaults app. I'm interested in the phone app.

Zen Master I
rbandziulyte posted on 2019/12/26 00:36 Hello everyone. Please, someone upload your screenshot defaults app. I'm interested in the phone app ...
Hi rbandziulyte, 1.2. Could you tell us which ZenFone model it is in the first screenshot? 3. We will check this. 5. Could you show us your settings and tell us where the incorrect part is? Sorry, it seems we cannot find the incorrect part. 6. 7. Have you experienced any problem with the Phone app or with the ASUS launcher? 8. We can check this. Could you tell us how this bluetooth setting is affecting your use? 9. Location, carrier, and signal strength may affect the calling experience. Have you checked your signal strength? Please try checking by putting your SIM card in other phones and check if the problem still appears. Is the problem others cannot hear you at all? How often does the problem appear? 10. Could you tell us which ASUS apps you would like to remove program updates? Kindly help us with the questions above if possible. Thank you 🙂

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Last edited by rbandziulyte on 2019/12/26 16:59 -------------------------------------

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Last edited by rbandziulyte on 2019/12/26 21:04 Hi Jei, thanks for the answers. 1. First screenshot Asus Zenfone max Pro m2. 2. Where to find outgoing calls and voice mail settings? The screen does not display the missed calls. Missed calls only appear in the call history (red)and led indicator. I want to change the settings. Behavior>show silent to “make sound and pop up on the screen”. 3-4. Check it out. Please, your screenshot defaults programs. What a phone app? 5. I add my screenshot incoming call. Settings like yours are, shown silently. I do not have a slider to show notifications. No advanced> on lock scren. 6-7. Asus launcher is not working properly, is unstable. Slider it is frozen. The app icon is smaller (defaults programs). Sometimes this program consumes 8-10% of the battery. Program size is only 569 KB, abnormal. I tried to reinstall, writes failed. There are no three points to remove program updates (restore factory default). Clear cache & storage many times. 8. Check it out. This bluetooth setting i did not notice the influence. Software bug. 9. Only during call over mobile network. Check it out. - my friends hear me bad when calling, low voice. Constantly. You can't hear a voice at intervals. And if i speak from a closer position to the mic people are able to hear. - signal in my house from my cell carrier is strong 85 dBm 14 ASU. I then tested .12345+= both on board mic and my voice is every time PERFECT. Sound recorder ok. The speaker phone is ok. SIM card ok. - many did a factory reset, but did not help. - maybe Android P would keep an eye on the app’s UID and block it from accessing the camera and microphone in any way whenever that UID is idle. - on the past you also had this problem on the ZenFone 3 and you fixed it with a firmware update. 10. I think it should be in all Asus apps. This was the case in previous firmwares. Sometimes a apps is not working and can not remove the update.